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Fashion lives at Fashion Monsters

In the Fashion Monsters workshop fashion comes to life in the shape of monsters that once were your abandoned clothing choices. Desperately seeking unconditional love in their second life, these upcycled monsters need a home.

The Fashion Monster is a unique creature. Each is sewn individually and stuffed with clean poly fill then hand-detailed. Because they are partially made from material that was destined for recycling, with notions that have been donated from family and friends, there are no two alike

A Fashion Monster is a terrific gift item for the fashion forward and for monster lovers alike. There is a story behind each one.  They are good company and will happily sit on shelves, couches, beds, in cabinets, on the wall, or wherever you choose to put them.

Warning: The Fashion Monsters are handmade and have small parts. They are decor items and not toys. Please keep out of reach of pets or small children. 

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